Timeshare Buy Back

While many people think of timeshare as holidaying for a set week at a set resort, there are now multiple different types of timeshare available. Many people still have the traditional fixed weeks’ timeshare, however more and more people now own floating weeks or points/credits-based timeshare.

It is this later type of timeshare that we will make you an offer to buy back, provided there is no debt attaching to the timeshare. We are always interested in acquiring points/credit backed timeshare from such popular brands as Wyndham.

If you happen to own Wyndham timeshare, we will make you an offer and pay you within 7 days of all transfer documents being signed and approved by your timeshare company. If you think your timeshare qualifies contact us via the attached link or give us a call on 1300280046

Also, please note that we charge NO UPFRONT FEES – If you want us to buy your timeshare, just accept our offer, fill out the required transfer forms and once the transfer is complete, the money is yours – GUARANTEED!!!*

*All timeshares purchased by us must have no outstanding debt owing to either the financier of the timeshare or for levies/charges owing to the timeshare club. In the event there are monies owing for levies at the time of transfer to us, this amount will be paid by us and deducted from the amount we pay to you, unless the amount is owing is greater than the purchase price, whereupon the purchase will not proceed.

Any offer accepted by a timeshare owner will be unenforceable if monies are still outstanding to any other party. Additionally, all buying prices offered to sellers will differ depending on your particular membership/ownership.

We will also not buy back any timeshare from any Clubs outside the Australian/Asia Pacific region including WorldMark ``The Club`` Memberships. All quotes made by us are in Australian Dollars and are valid for 30 days from the date of offer.